Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girls with Curves Photo Posing Tips

I was talking with my friend Dani recently about how I can't wait until I lose more weight so I can start blogging about Plus Size fashion [I actually REALLY love fashion] and getting comfortable with myself in my own skin. The whole idea of turning something I have hated and something that has been such a negative in my life into a positive sounds really great to me! Dani challenged me and asked why I couldn't get in and start doing that now? I spat out a few excuses and she shot them down [in the best possible way] and really I was left with no real reason other than my own inhibitions... but I have decided I am going to try giving it a go, another step towards the future and life I want for myself - being confident in, and loving all of me.

So anyway, I have been thinking about the above and remembered seeing a great little tip on posing for girls with curves on Pinterest. After clicking through to the original source of the image, I discovered photographer Sue Bryce has done a number of blog posts with posing tips for the curvy lady. You can see them here, here and here. Sue is an AMAZING portrait photographer and she also offers a whole range of tips, tricks and tutorials on her blog for portrait photographers. So check it out if you're that way inclined!

Isn't it incredible what a difference a good pose can make?! It turns a blocky body into one with bends and curves in all the right places! These photos haven't been photoshopped, other than correcting colour and light. Pretty impressive right? I'm really interested to try them out and see what results I can get with my own body... wow - did I just say that?

[all images from Sue Bryce]
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